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Stories for Adults

Other stories I’ve written that mature readers of The Princess Curse might enjoy…

“An Almanac for the Alien Invaders.” What happens when the conquerors are conquered? First published in Asimov’s (April/May 2008), reprinted in Если as “Дневник вторжения” (А. Комаринец, translator) (October 2008); listen for free at Escape Pod. (adult concepts, dispassionate alien conquest)

Five Rules for Commuting to the Underworld.” Persephone vs. the EZ Pass. First published in Strange Horizons (August 23, 2010), or listen for free at Podcastle. (adult language, adult concepts, heavy mythic content)

“Sun’s East, Moon’s West.” A dragon-slaying miller’s daughter who once knew how to spin straw into gold finds herself in a compromising position as mistress to a bear-god. Disasters and trolls ensue. First published at Electric Velocipede (issue 17/18, Spring 2009); listen for free at Podcastle. (adult language, adult concepts)


“Dead Languages.” Life as a vampire slayer is complicated if you don’t fit the mold. First published in Farthing (September 2006), listen for free at Podcastle. (adult language, adult concepts, but unscary vampires)


UnpluggedThe Girl-Prince.” A science fictional retelling of “Sleeping Beauty.” Read it for free at Coyote Wild (August 2008) or purchase Unplugged: The Web’s Best Sci-Fi & Fantasy: 2008 Download, edited by Rich Horton.


Strange HorizonsHuntswoman.” A slightly dark twist on “Snow White.” Read it for free at Strange Horizons (24 January 2005)


Dunesteef Audio“Rampion in the Belltower.” Haven’t you always wanted “Rapunzel” to be retold with–zombies?? Listen to the free audio reprint at Dunesteef Audio Fiction.


Many of my short stories can be added to custom print-on-demand anthologies at Anthology Builder.